I just have a genealogy request--do I still have to pay a fee and submit a notarized application?

Yes. Genealogy requests received by the Bureau of Vital Records are treated in the same manner as any request for a copy of a vital record.

While vital record keeping began in 1910, some delayed certificates may be available before 1910. However, there is no guarantee of a record’s existence either before or after 1910.

The Secretary of State’s Missouri Digital Heritage website contains publicly available information on birth certificates before 1910 and on death certificates greater than fifty (50) years old.

If your request falls outside of this criteria or additional information/an actual copy of a vital record is needed, an application for a vital record and a search fee is required and should be submitted to the Bureau of Vital Records. Typically, long form copies of vital records are useful involving genealogy requests.

If you are requesting information for legitimate research purposes, policies and procedures for release of vital records information can be found at Data, Surveillance Systems & Statistical Reports. Scroll to the heading Data Release Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines.

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