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What do I need to submit to you if I want to conduct a Type 3 class?

Type 3 Operator training must be conducted utilizing the Department of Health and Senior Service’s Breath Alcohol Program Standardized Type 3 training materials. Training conducted not utilizing the approved materials will result in the training class and the subsequent applications for permits not being approved. The approved standardized materials are available free of charge from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Service’s Breath Alcohol Program upon request. The Breath Alcohol Operator Manual is required to be provided as part of the Type 3 training materials.

New Type 3’s need a minimum of twelve hours of training, which includes training on the specific evidential breath alcohol instrument. For a current Type 3 to change to a different evidential breath alcohol instrument is a minimum four hours training, including a written exam over the new instrument.

Prior to conducting Type 3 training, a Type 2 permit holder will need to submit a letter asking for approval to perform the Type 3 training to the Breath Alcohol Program. In the letter you need to include: the location of the class, the type of class (twelve hours for new a Type 3 permit or four hours for a new instrument), the dates of the class, instructor(s), and approximate number of students. In addition, you must include a copy of the course outline showing the version of the approved standardized training material being used, as well as the alternate topics covered and the number of hours devoted to each. Additional topics beyond the standardized twelve hours may be covered, but are not required.

To request the most current copy of the approved training materials or to request approval for a Type 3 course you are planning to conduct, email the Breath Alcohol Program at:

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