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What if my Type 3 permit has expired?

As soon as a permit expires, it can no longer be used.  There is no grace period for the use of a permit.
If your Type 3 permit is still within the 30-day period from the expiration date and you performed tests on at least ten DWI subjects in the past year, you will need to submit a completed Type 3 application and a copy of the BAC log showing that you had performed these tests. 

If you have not performed tests on ten DWI subjects, you need to submit a completed Type 3 application and must also perform five self-administered breath tests, each with an operational checklist or the second page of the AIR form. You must also complete a two hour refresher course under the supervision of a valid Type 2 permit holder on the instrument for which you are submitting for renewal. 

For any permit expired more than 30 days but less than one year, you will need to perform five self-administered breath tests with operational checklists, and complete a two hour refresher course, regardless of the number of DWI subject tests performed.  

Information concerning the two hour refresher course needs to be listed under the Original Training Courses section of the Type 3 application.

Once a permit is expired by one year or more, applicants must complete the entire Type 3 operator course again.

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