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What are the requirements for opening up a long-term care facility?

All applicable statutory and regulatory requirements must be met before a new facility can be licensed. This includes achieving compliance with regulatory standards in the areas of construction, fire safety, physical plant, administration and resident care, sanitation, resident's rights and handling resident funds. In addition, the operator must meet general licensure requirements and must submit an application for licensure.

Certificate of Need approval is also required and is a crucial first step in the process. Information regarding Certificate of Need requirements can be obtained by contacting the Certificate of Need office at (573) 751-6403 or visit this Department of Health and Senior Services web site.

Questions regarding construction, physical plant, and fire safety requirements should be directed to (573) 526-8515.

The regulatory and statutory requirements for each of the four types of facilities can be found under the Licensing and Certification link on the Department of Health and Senior Services web site for Nursing Homes. To obtain a hard copy, contact us (there is a cost for this publication).

An application for licensure can be obtained at the above Licensing and Certification link on the web site or by contacting the licensure unit at (573) 526-8508. An application will be sent to you either electronically or by mail.

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