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WIC - Health Care Providers

  1. When is medical documentation required?

  2. What qualifying conditions are allowed by WIC to issue exempt formulas and WIC-eligible nutritionals?

  3. What qualifying conditions are not allowed by WIC when requesting exempt formulas and WIC-eligible nutritionals?

  4. Who can complete a Medical Documentation Form (WIC-27)?

  5. What is the approval length for medical documentation?

  6. What if the agency receives a Medical Documentation Form (WIC-27) from the health care provider and some clarifications are needed before issuing the food benefits?

  7. Can a physician use a stamp for their signature?

  8. Is the height, weight, and hemoglobin required on the Medical Documentation Form (WIC-27)?

  9. What if the physician did not complete section C for the “WIC Supplemental Food” on the Medical Documentation Form (WIC-27)?

  10. Can the WIC local agency complete section C “WIC Supplemental Food” on the Medical Documentation Form (WIC-27) prior to faxing or the participant taking the form to the doctor’s office?

  11. Can participants receive both milk and formula?

  12. Is WIC allowed to provide low-fat milk to a child who is between 12-23 months of age, if medical documentation is provided?

  13. Can a woman or child receive a combination of exempt formula(s) or WIC- eligible nutritionals?

  14. Can a woman or child over 2 years of age receive whole milk?

  15. Where are WIC approved exempt formulas or WIC-eligible nutritionals obtained to meet participant needs?

  16. How much formula can be provided to infants over six (6) months of age whose medical condition prevents them from consuming complementary infant food?

  17. Are items such as thickening agents provided by the Missouri WIC program?

  18. What happens when a WIC participant is prescribed a formula or WIC-eligible nutritionals not allowed by WIC, or an amount that exceeds the maximum quantities WIC may provide?

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