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What is the process for new construction or renovations?

The first step is to apply for a Certificate of Need (CON) or request a letter from the CON program indicating that a CON is not required. A CON or non-applicability letter is required for all new facilities, any renovations to existing facilities, and to add, purchase, or replace beds to an existing facility. Prior to applying for a CON or requesting a non-applicability letter, you must have a good idea of your overall project, such as the requirements to meet building standards and estimated project cost. For more information about the CON application process, visit the CON program online at, or contact CON staff at 573-751-6403.

Once you receive CON approval or a non-applicability letter, final construction plans shall be submitted to the ECU to obtain plan approval. After you receive written approval from the ECU, construction may begin. If you are considering any construction modifications to your home, contact SLCR for guidance.

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