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Who is eligible to sign up on the Registry?

If you are an adult, an emancipated minor, or a minor who is authorized to apply for a driver’s license, you can register with the Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. If you are eligible for an instructional permit or graduated license (usually between 15 and 18), you can join the Registry, but you must provide contact information for your parents or legal guardian so they can make the final decision about donation at the time of death. When you become 18 years of age, or if you are an emancipated minor, your choice to be a donor will not require a parent or guardian be given the opportunity to revoke or amend your gift at the time of donation; however, the donor agency will make every attempt to notify your next-of-kin of your decision. If you have questions related to enrollment call (toll free) 888-497-4564.

Note: In the absence of a donor designation or if a person is under the age 18 and is not an emancipated youth, the law provides a priority list of who is responsible for making the final donation decision.

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