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What do I need to include in my application for individual licensure?

To apply for a lead abatement worker, supervisor, project designer, lead inspector or risk assessor license, an individual must submit to the Lead Licensing Program the following:
  • A completed current application;
  • A course completion certificate issued by a Lead Licensing Program or EPA accredited training provider for the particular license sought; (Applicants for a Risk Assessor license must also complete an accredited Lead Inspector course. Applicants for a Project Designer license must also complete an accredited Lead Abatement Supervisor course.)
  • A check or money order made payable to Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services in the amount listed on the application;
  • Two passport-sized photographs; and
  • Documentation as evidence of meeting education and/or experience requirements. (For Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors, if applying for licensure under the High School diploma or GED education/experience requirement, a copy of your High School diploma or GED must be included. If applying for licensure under a degree requirement, a copy of the college diploma or transcripts must also be included.)

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