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Who participates in BRFSS?

  • The BRFSS collects information from adults 18 years of age or older who are Missouri residents.
  • Anyone with at least one residential telephone number (unlisted as well as listed) in the state has a theoretical possibility of being called.
  • Telephone numbers to be called are randomly generated from a list of all residential prefixes in the state.
  • Only one member of each household is eligible to be included in the survey. When a residence is reached, the interviewer asks the number of adult males and females in the household and the computer randomly selects which adult is the eligible respondent. This ensures that adults of all ages and both sexes are interviewed rather than the first person that answers the telephone.
  • Calls are made days, evenings and weekends (up to three attempts over five different calling periods) so that all adults have equal chance of being selected to participate.

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