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HAI - Missouri Healthcare–Associated Infection Reporting System

  1. Where can information related to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) be found? 7/1/2009

  2. If a facility is using the NHSN system, can the facility do the actual reporting via MHIRS? 5/20/2005

  3. If a facility is not required to report to DHSS can it still use the NHSN? 5/20/2005

  4. Why aren't staffing and equipment requirements included in the rule?

  5. Do any other states have standards regarding the number of infection control practitioners (ICPs) per facility or per patient load?

  6. Are hospitals required to report all CLAB infections identified in the facility? 5/10/2005

  7. If facilities choose not to use the CDC system, will they still have to provide patient identifiers?

  8. Is "surgeon name" a required data item?

  9. Are small hospitals purposely being exempted?

  10. Will ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) use the same risk factors that hospitals use for surgeries?

  11. Has anyone from an ASC been contacted for feedback on the rules impacting ASCs? 5/10/2005

  12. Do ASCs associated with a hospital report separately or are their data included with the hospital's data?

  13. Is it a HIPAA violation for a hospital to report?

  14. How are the data be presented for the public? 3/5/08

  15. When will DHSS publish reports and how many months of data will be included in the report? 3/5/08

  16. How should our hospital handle reporting for ICUs not mentioned in the rule, e.g., we have a cardiothoracic ICU, would this be considered a "coronary ICU"?

  17. Our hospital has a medical/surgical ICU that is activated on an as-need basis only. Do we have to report?

  18. Can facilities use separate systems to report the mandated information to the DHSS (e.g., Use AICE!® to report surgical procedures and MHIRS to report CLAB data)? 5/27/2005

  19. Will the physician's name be part of the information reported to MHIRS? 6/1/2005

  20. Our hospital has two medical ICUs. How do we report the data when we register for an exemption and when we report to MHIRS? (This would also apply if there were two surgical, coronary, pediatric, medical/surgical, or NICUs.)? 10/3/2005

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