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HAI - CLAB Manual

  1. If a patient in an ICU has a temporary (Quinton) or tunneled (ASHE) hemodialysis catheter, is that device counted as a central line in the central line-days? 5/20/2005

  2. Do central lines include the following: implantable-ports, non-tunneled TLC, Swan Ganz catheter, tunneled-Broviac, Groshong, Quinton, Hickman, ASHE catheter, PICC, and umbilical lines? If yes, would they be counted in central line-days for that unit? 5/20/2005

  3. Are permanent shunts and balloon pumps considered central lines? 5/20/2005

  4. If a patient is admitted to the ICU with a central line in place, is it counted in the central line-days? 5/20/2005

  5. What if: a patient had a central line inserted in the ICU; 6 days later the patient has a positive blood culture; and the patient meets the definition for laboratory confirmed bloodstream infection (LCBI). Would this patient be counted as a CLAB infection? 5/20/2005

  6. How do you determine which unit to “credit” with a bloodstream infection (BSI)? E.g., on May 2 patient is in the medical ICU; on May 3 patient is transferred to the coronary ICU; symptoms develop on May 4. Which unit is “credited”? 5/20/2005

  7. What should be done if a device-day is not counted? 5/20/2005

  8. Will maternally-acquired infections in the NICU be counted as CLAB infections? 5/20/2005

  9. What should be done if the device-day count sheet is lost or if the person who is designated to count does not complete it for a month? 5/20/2005

  10. The following two questions/situations relate to an ICU patient undergoing dialysis: 6/8/2005

  11. Can a patient have more than one CLAB infection during his/her stay in the ICU? 7/1/2005

  12. Does the birthweight of the infant ever change? E.g., an infant is admitted to a NICU from another hospital. Do you use the weight on admission or do you use the birthweight? 9/16/2005

  13. If the patient is discharged with a central line in place and returns two to four weeks after discharge with a central line infection, should this infection be counted as a healthcare-associated infection? 9/28/2005

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