HCBS - Contract Proposals

  1. What is the fee to contract to provide HCBS?
  2. Do you have a template or sample I could use to prepare my proposal?
  3. Can I start my business in my home?
  4. I currently have a contract to provide either IHS or CDS. Do I have to submit a proposal in order to be considered for a contract to provide the other service (either IHS or CDS)?
  5. What is the difference between an assurance and a policy?
  6. Can I submit information for review prior to my “official” submission of the information so that I know the information is correct and my proposal will not be denied?
  7. Can I subcontract my employees?
  8. For the IHS program, does the insurance coverage have to be in effect when I submit my proposal?
  9. Do I have to attend Provider Certification Training before submitting my IHS proposal?
  10. I am not going to provide nursing services under the in-home services program. Do I have to employ a registered nurse (RN)?
  11. Does the RN of the in-home services agency have to be a full time employee?
  12. What is a Designated Manager?
  13. I completed Provider Certification Training years ago and received a certificate. Can I still be a designated manager?
  14. Can the director, designated manager and RN be the same person for the in-home services agency?
  15. Once I am approved, how are Department staff and clients notified that I am a new Provider?
  16. How is MHD notified I have a contract with the Department of Health and Senior Services?
  17. Once I submit my proposal, how long before I can begin serving clients?
  18. When I receive my fully executed contract from the Department, can I begin serving clients?
  19. Once I do have all of the Provider numbers, how long does it take to get clients?
  20. What is home health and how do I start a home health agency?
  21. How can I provide personal care services for children?

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