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What do I need to send in to you so that I can renew my Type 3 permit?

To renew your Type 3 permit, you will need to fax, email, or mail a completed Type 3 application completed per the instructions on the application. This is to include your original training information, the number of maintenance reports you performed in the last year of the permit, and the number of actual DWI’s you performed in the last year of the permit (at least 10).

If this condition has not been met, you will need to perform 5 self-administered breath tests, each with an operational checklist or the second page of the AIR form. You must also complete a two hour refresher course under the supervision of a valid Type 2 permit holder on the instrument for which you are submitting for renewal. You must attach copies of the BA log for the actual DWI’s performed or the self-administered tests and operational checklists. The information concerning the 2 hour refresher course needs to be listed under the Original Training Courses section of the Type 3 application.

Retain copies of everything sent to us until you have received your permit from us. This will help relieve any aggravation associated with items getting lost in the mail.

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