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How can I become an organ, eye, and tissue donor?

Consider yourself a potential organ and tissue donor. Your medical condition and circumstances of your death will determine what organs and tissues can be donated. Once you make the decision to be a donor, record your decision. There are several ways you can document your decision to give an anatomical gift:
  • Register your decision in Missouri’s Registry online.
  • Enroll in the Registry when you obtain or renew an instruction permit or driver/nondriver license. 
  • Complete and mail in a registration form. You may also call toll-free at 888-497-4564 to obtain a copy of the form. 
  • Sign the back of your driver/nondriver license with a permanent marker – be sure to have a witness sign too. 
  • Include your decision in an advance health care directive, will, or living will.
  • Sign and carry a donor card or other signed record. 
  • Provide any communication witnessed by two adults during a terminal illness or injury (one witness must be a disinterested witness).

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