How does an individual facing homelessness with no form of ID obtain a copy of a vital record?

Usually, such an individual will have a shelter ID generated following the shelter’s written intake procedures to determine a participant’s eligibility for the shelter’s program. This can serve as one form of ID.


If possible, such an individual can also reach out to a qualifying family member or official representative authorized to obtain a vital record.

If no ID or proof of identity can be established, the record could also be obtained through VitalChek (additional cost), which can verify an identity electronically online through public record data powered by LexisNexis. This is a method that a shelter or program may be able to assist in completing. The record could then be mailed to the requestor. 

If the individual has no ID or paperwork, no family, no official representative or individual that would qualify with tangible interest, and cannot order online, in those rare circumstances, the Missouri Bureau of Vital Records could be contacted to evaluate the situation in consultation with the Missouri State Registrar of Vital Records. Providing a copy of a vital record in these situations is granted on a case-by-case basis.

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