Are pediatric-only facilities included in the PY 2014 ESRD QIP?

The ESRD QIP will apply to pediatric outpatient dialysis facilities as of Jan. 1, 2012, which is the start of the performance period with potential payment implications during 2014.

To receive full points for the program, all pediatric facilities, including those caring only for patients less than age 18, must comply with the reporting requirements for the mineral metabolism reporting measure. Additionally, pediatric facilities providing in-center hemodialysis must comply with the requirements for the NHSN reporting measure.

Pediatric facilities that also care for patients age 18 or older may be eligible for additional measures.

End Stage Renal Disease

  1. Where can I find information from CMS regarding the Medicare program that ties payment to the quality of dialysis care?
  2. I have questions about the ESRD QIP. What should I do?
  3. What statute provides the legislative authority for the ESRD QIP?
  4. Where can I find the rules further explaining and outlining the ESRD QIP?
  5. Why is the performance period so much earlier than the year that this performance affects payment?
  6. How is a facility’s performance in the ESRD QIP communicated to the facility and the public?
  7. What are the inclusion criteria for the ESRD QIP?
  8. What is the Performance Score Report?
  9. What is the Preview Period?
  10. As a facility, what do I do if the provider numbers listed in my Preview PSR are wrong?
  11. What do I do if the data in my Preview PSR do not match the data I submitted?
  12. What is the difference between a clarification question (or comment) and a formal inquiry?
  13. Who can submit a clarification question about a facility’s Preview PSR?
  14. Who can submit a formal inquiry about the Total Performance Score on a facility’s Preview PSR?
  15. When does the Preview Period end?
  16. How do the ESRD QIP measures differ from the measures reported in the Dialysis Facility Compare Report?
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  18. What is the Performance Score Certificate?
  19. What does the PSC mean to patients?
  20. When will facilities receive their PSC?
  21. When should facilities begin displaying the PSC?
  22. How long does a facility need to display the PSC?
  23. Are there any special instructions about displaying the PSC?
  24. What should a facility do if its PSC is lost or destroyed?
  25. Will the PSCs be available to patients and the public through other sources?
  26. Do the PSCs indicate the quality of care that a facility provides?
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  29. Are pediatric-only facilities included in the PY 2014 ESRD QIP?
  30. For purposes of the program, on what date are facilities considered “new”?

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