If a client completes diagnostic testing that results in a highly suspicious finding, or a positive breast or cervical cancer, but fails to show for additional diagnostic testing or treatment, what should I do?

Providers are responsible for full case management and navigation. Two outreach attempts need to be attempted within 30 days of missed follow up appointments via telephone calls or letters, both attempts documented. If the client reports she is terminating the program relationship, refuses additional work up or treatment, or is not reachable, a certified letter must be sent. The certified letter informs the client additional testing or treatment is needed. If the client is no longer reachable, or attempts to contact the client fail, notify your RPC within 30 days of your last attempt. The RPC will make the third attempt to contact the client via certified letter and waiver to complete the lost to follow-up. The MOHSAIC form(s) addressing final diagnosis, treatment status and comment section will need to be updated to reflect the refusal or lost to follow status.

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