1. Can my relatives make the donation decision?

  2. Who can submit a clarification question about a facility’s Preview PSR?

  3. My inspector tells me I need an illness policy where do I find one?

  4. I have quantitative (numeric) data, and I want to use the same classification breaks for a whole series of maps. Can I copy the symbology from one layer to the next?

  5. Can I sell fish that I caught to a local restaurant?

  6. If all 50 states participate in the BRFSS, does that mean that the same questions are asked in every state?

  7. I am a medication technician in another state. How do I transfer my certification to Missouri?

  8. Who can pass medications in an ADC?

  9. The register says my CNA license is inactive, how do I get it back to active status?

  10. What should a facility do if its PSC is lost or destroyed?

  11. What is a Designated Manager?

  12. I have questions about the ESRD QIP. What should I do?

  13. I need to an insert on my map to zoom in to an area that is too hard to see otherwise. How can I do this?

  14. I am a nursing student may I be a Certified Nurse Assistant?

  15. What is required to become a Type 2?

  16. If a client completes diagnostic testing that results in a highly suspicious finding, or a positive breast or cervical cancer, but fails to show for additional diagnostic testing or treatment, what should I do?

  17. As a facility, what do I do if the provider numbers listed in my Preview PSR are wrong?

  18. What are relative path names, and when would I use them?

  19. How do I interpret the tables?

  20. What does this web site contain?

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