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What do I need to do if I wish to close my facility?

An operator of a licensed facility who decides to discontinue operation of the facility must notify the Licensure Unit in the Section for Long-Term Care Regulation of the decision and the effective date and reason for closure. At least 30 days prior to closure, all residents of the facility, the next of kin, or a legally authorized representative or Designee, and the resident's attending physician and the responsible agency, if any, shall be notified in writing of the decision in accordance with discharge requirements outlined in 19 CSR 30-88.010. The facility shall also notify the appropriate Regional Coordinator of the Missouri State Ombudsman's Office and the appropriate Section for Long-Term Care Regional Office. The names, addresses, and phone numbers of the State Ombudsman Regional Coordinators can be found at this web site under Region Maps: LTC Ombudsman Regions. The addresses and phone numbers for the Section for Long-Term Care Regional Offices can be found here under Nursing Homes: Long Term Care Regions.

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