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How will the Family Care Safety Registry handle Amendment 3 expungements?

Some changes related to Amendment 3 of the Missouri Constitution took effect on December 8, 2022, including the ability to expunge certain marijuana offenses from criminal history. The Family Care Safety Registry is not involved in the process of granting expungements or amending criminal records. Under the terms of Amendment 3, courts are allowed up to 12 months to complete the process of expunging cases that are deemed eligible. Since the Family Care Safety Registry is required by law to obtain information regarding criminal background checks from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the results we provide in response to screening requests will reflect the records as shown by the Highway Patrol at the time the request is made. If you have questions about expungements, including whether a particular case qualifies or the timeline for an expungement being processed, you should contact an attorney or the Court in which the criminal case originated.

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