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  1. Which agency is responsible for inspecting and licensing long-term care facilities?

  2. Where can I obtain local data on tobacco use?

  3. How do I get access to the GIS data library?

  4. Can I make changes to the data in the table?

  5. Why does Missouri need a new emergency response system?

  6. When will DHSS publish reports and how many months of data will be included in the report? 3/5/08

  7. If I am a renovation contractor what responsibilities do I have related to lead?

  8. Why are central line-associated bloodstream (CLAB) infections and surgical site infections (SSIs) reported as (half ), (empty circle ), or (full ), while head of bed (HOB) elevation data are reported numerically?

  9. I don’t work in the Wildwood complex, how can I get the data updates as they become available?

  10. Can facilities use separate systems to report the mandated information to the DHSS (e.g., Use AICE!® to report surgical procedures and MHIRS to report CLAB data)? 5/27/2005

  11. I have quantitative (numeric) data, and I want to use the same classification breaks for a whole series of maps. Can I copy the symbology from one layer to the next?

  12. Our hospital has two medical ICUs. How do we report the data when we register for an exemption and when we report to MHIRS? (This would also apply if there were two surgical, coronary, pediatric, medical/surgical, or NICUs.)? 10/3/2005

  13. What is a layer file and how does it differ from a shape file, coverage or geodatabase?

  14. I want to use different size labels within a single layer. How can I do this?

  15. Sometimes the data tables I’m using work just fine when I join to shape files and other times some or all of my columns just have in them. What is causing this and how can I fix it?

  16. What is the TCD System?

  17. What is the FIC?

  18. What is a sponsor?

  19. Will the program forward a renewal application to me before my license expires?

  20. What is a WIC Retailer Agreement?

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