1. When do I use Intervention MICA?

  2. What is the occupancy rate for facilities licensed by the Section for Long Term Care?

  3. What is Intervention MICA?

  4. How do I set my map so the sizes of my labels and marker (point) symbols look right at the final page size I am using?

  5. I have a map that has a red exclamation (!) next to some of the layer, and the layer doesn’t draw. What is this and can I fix it?

  6. As an employer, can I hire an individual who has a disqualifying finding (identified in section 192.2495, RSMo.) reported in his or her background screening while awaiting the results of the GCW application?

  7. Will the PSCs be available to patients and the public through other sources?

  8. Why is the performance period so much earlier than the year that this performance affects payment?

  9. Who is required to register with the Family Care Safety Registry?

  10. I don’t like how my labels are placed. Some are covering up the feature they are labeling. How can I fix this?

  11. As an employer, how do I verify that a GCW has been granted or is still valid?

  12. Do I report each case of MRSA and VRE?

  13. How does the PRAMS Survey work?

  14. How does the PRAMS Survey work?

  15. How often do I report MRSA and VRE?

  16. If a facility is using the NHSN system, can the facility do the actual reporting via MHIRS? 5/20/2005

  17. How can I obtain the complete study results?

  18. What kinds of questions were on the 2011 CLS?

  19. Why are hospitals reporting head of bed (HOB) elevation rates instead of actual ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) rates?

  20. Who is at risk for lead poisoning?

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