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What makes a participant eligible for WIC?

An applicant is considered eligible for WIC when they are determined categorically, residentially and income eligibleand have a nutritional risk. Categorical Eligible includes:
  • Women who are
    • Prenatal (Category = P)
    • Breastfeeding Postpartum, nursing a baby up to one year old (Category = B)
    • Non-Breastfeeding postpartum, up to 6 months after a pregnancy has ended (Category = N)
  • Infants, a child under one year old (Category = I)
  • Children, from 1 year old up to age 5 (Category = C)

In addition to Categorical Eligibility participants must be residents (as defined in WOM ER# 3.01800) and within income guidelines.  These items must be documented in the MOWINS data system along with a proof of ID.  A Nutritional Risk is now assumed for all WIC participants.

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