What should be done if a device-day is not counted? 5/20/2005

Days should not be skipped. If days are not recorded (say on the weekend), then the staff should be interviewed and charts reviewed to determine what the counts were at the appropriate time. 

HAI - CLAB Manual

  1. If a patient in an ICU has a temporary (Quinton) or tunneled (ASHE) hemodialysis catheter, is that device counted as a central line in the central line-days? 5/20/2005
  2. Do central lines include the following: implantable-ports, non-tunneled TLC, Swan Ganz catheter, tunneled-Broviac, Groshong, Quinton, Hickman, ASHE catheter, PICC, and umbilical lines? If yes, would they be counted in central line-days for that unit? 5/20/2005
  3. Are permanent shunts and balloon pumps considered central lines? 5/20/2005
  4. If a patient is admitted to the ICU with a central line in place, is it counted in the central line-days? 5/20/2005
  5. What if: a patient had a central line inserted in the ICU; 6 days later the patient has a positive blood culture; and the patient meets the definition for laboratory confirmed bloodstream infection (LCBI). Would this patient be counted as a CLAB infection? 5/20/2005
  6. How do you determine which unit to “credit” with a bloodstream infection (BSI)? E.g., on May 2 patient is in the medical ICU; on May 3 patient is transferred to the coronary ICU; symptoms develop on May 4. Which unit is “credited”? 5/20/2005
  7. What should be done if a device-day is not counted? 5/20/2005
  8. Will maternally-acquired infections in the NICU be counted as CLAB infections? 5/20/2005
  9. What should be done if the device-day count sheet is lost or if the person who is designated to count does not complete it for a month? 5/20/2005
  10. The following two questions/situations relate to an ICU patient undergoing dialysis: 6/8/2005
  11. Can a patient have more than one CLAB infection during his/her stay in the ICU? 7/1/2005
  12. Does the birthweight of the infant ever change? E.g., an infant is admitted to a NICU from another hospital. Do you use the weight on admission or do you use the birthweight? 9/16/2005
  13. If the patient is discharged with a central line in place and returns two to four weeks after discharge with a central line infection, should this infection be counted as a healthcare-associated infection? 9/28/2005

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