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Should a patient that has an infection in the hip joint at the time of their replacement or revision be included in the denominator and would they be counted as an SSI ff they developed a post-op infection? 1/19/2006

Every patient that undergoes a HPRO procedure is included in the denominator. If the old infection reappears it would not be counted in the numerator because it was "present or incubating at the time of admission". If a new infection develops it will be counted. For example, the HPRO is a revision and there is pus in the organ space when the incision is opened. First of all, the wound class would be "Dirty". Let's assume that the culture grows MRSA. If, two weeks later the patient develops a superficial SSI that grows e. coli, it's probably a new infection and would be counted. The ICP may have to make a decision if it's questionable. 

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