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How is Hemophilia B treated?

Standard treatment is infusion of factor IX concentrates to replace the defective clotting factor. The amount infused depends upon the severity of bleeding, the site of the bleeding, and the size of the patient. Hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for individuals with Hemophilia B because they are at increased risk of developing hepatitis, due to exposure to blood products.

To prevent a bleeding crisis, people with Hemophilia and their families can be taught to administer factor IX concentrates at home at the first signs of bleeding. People with severe forms of the disease may need regular prophylactic infusions.

Recurrent transfusions may increase the risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis, especially prior to 1985 when blood screening procedures were improved for detecting the HIV virus. However, new heat processing treatment makes factor VIII material free of the HIV virus and thus safe for use.

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