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What is the poultry exemption?

The poultry exemption is an allowance for the production, processing and sale. Small producers may qualify for an exemption from inspection by USDA or MDA. The most common exemption is the Producer/Grower - 1,000 Limit Exemption. Provisions of the Poultry Products Inspection Act apply to poultry growers who slaughter no more than 1,000 poultry in a calendar year for use as human food. A person may slaughter and process on his or her premises poultry that he or she raised and they may distribute such poultry without mandatory inspection when the following five criteria are met [PPIA Section 464(c)(4) "Section 15 (c)(4)"; Title 9 CFR §381.10(c)].

  1. The poultry grower slaughters no more that 1,000 healthy birds of his or her own raising in a calendar year for distribution as human food;
  2. The poultry grower does not engage in buying or selling poultry products other than those produced from poultry raised on his or her own farm;
  3. The slaughter and processing are conducted under sanitary standards, practices, and procedures that produce poultry products that are sound, clean, and fit for human food (not adulterated);
  4. The producer keeps records necessary for the effective enforcement of the Act [Title 9 CFR 381.175]; and
  5. The poultry products do not move in commerce.
For more information on exemptions for poultry operations contact the Missouri Department of Agriculture's Meat and Poultry Inspection Program.

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