What is the capacity for family home providers?

The number of children and the ages of the children in care is defined on the family home provider’s license which must be posted at the facility. A family home provider is limited to caring for no more than ten *unrelated children. The number of *unrelated children under the age of two will affect the total number of children allowed.

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  1. 19 CSR 30-62.102(1) (K) states:
  2. 19 CSR 30-62.102(1)(A) states:
  3. Are child care licenses permanent?
  4. Are there differences in sanitation requirements for licensed family homes, group homes, centers, and license-exempt facilities?
  5. Are there grants or funding available to operate my child care program?
  6. Can a facility disenroll my child?
  7. Can my provider give medications to my child?
  8. Can the provider transport my child?
  9. Do all persons who care for children (who are not related to the provider) in their homes have to be licensed by the state?
  10. How can I find child care for a child with special needs?
  11. How can I get a list of child care providers in my area?
  12. How do I file a complaint?
  13. How do I file a sanitation complaint regarding a child care facility or home?
  14. How do I find out about complaints made against a provider?
  15. How long do I have to complete the application process?
  16. How long does it take to get licensed?
  17. How many children can I care for without being licensed?
  18. How many children may a licensed facility care for at one time?
  19. How often are child care providers inspected?
  20. How often are providers inspected?
  21. How will I learn about the provider’s rules and policies?
  22. I am interested in opening a new child care facility or home, who should I contact?
  23. Is lead-based paint allowed in child care?
  24. Is there a fee for a license?
  25. Once I get my child care license, what changes impact my license?
  26. What are the different types of child care?
  27. What are the educational requirements for a licensed group home or child care center director?
  28. What are the expectations for a child care provider operating under a boil water order?
  29. What are the general differences between licensed, license-exempt and unregulated facilities?
  30. What are the ratios for group home and child care centers?
  31. What are the sanitation requirements for having pets in child care?
  32. What do child care sanitation inspectors look for?
  33. What happens if I don't get licensed and I care for more than four (4) children who are not related to me?
  34. What happens if my child gets sick while they are at the licensed facility?
  35. What happens if my provider breaks a rule?
  36. What inspection requirements do licensed and license-exempt facilities have?
  37. What is a ratio?
  38. What is a registered provider?
  39. What is ‘date-marking?’
  40. What is considered an approved food source in child care?
  41. What is the capacity for family home providers?
  42. What should I do if I notice an in-home provider is caring for more than four (4) unrelated children?
  43. What should I do if I suspect child abuse or neglect (CA/N)?
  44. What should I look for when choosing child care?
  45. What type of training do I need on a yearly basis?
  46. What types of disciplinary action can be taken?
  47. What types of inspections do I need to obtain a child care license?
  48. What will my provider do in an emergency if I cannot be reached?
  49. Where can I get sanitizer test strips for my child care?
  50. Who conducts child care sanitation inspections?
  51. Why does the Section for Child Care Regulation do background screenings?
  52. Why is hand washing so important?
  53. Why is the required cleaning process so complicated?

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