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What if I have a current permit for one BA instrument and now need training on another, in addition to the current BA instrument?

The addition of another BA instrument to an applicant’s permit requires a minimum four-hour course on the BA instrument, complete with written exam and ten self-administered breath tests, each with an operational checklist.

If you would like to have both BA instruments on one permit, renewal procedures for the current BA instrument must be met at the time the application request is made for new BA instrument. You must have performed at least ten   actual DWI subjects in the last year of that permit and submit the copy of the BA log for those tests with your application. If this condition has not been met than you will need to perform five self-administered breath tests, each with an operational checklist or the 2nd page of the AIR form. You must also complete a two hour refresher course under the supervision of a valid Type 2 permit holder on the instrument for which you are submitting for renewal.

For the Type 2 permit holder to conduct this training, the standards listed above describing What do I need to submit to you, if I want to conduct a Type 3 Class? must be met.

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