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I have a table of latitude and longitude coordinates that I’d like to add to my map. When I try to display them using Display XY, nothing shows up on my map. What am I doing wrong?

  • Make sure the data frame of your map is set to some coordinates, generally UTM Zone 15 NAD 1983. If you have any data layers loaded, this was probably defined automatically.
  • Make sure in the Display XY dialog that you specify the input coordinate system for the points in the table. You must click the Edit button at the bottom of the dialog and browse through the choices of coordinates. Remember, you are not specifying the desired output coordinates; output coordinates are set based on the data frame.
  • Make sure that you are not confusing latitude and longitude and X,Y. The dialog asks for an X field and a Y field. Longitude is X and latitude is Y, not the other way around.

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