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What services are available for pregnant women who use drugs?

The Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation (C STAR) program is a unique approach to substance abuse and addiction treatment. The C STAR model was developed by Missouri's Department of Mental Health and is funded by Missouri's Medicaid program. Substance abuse and addiction affect women differently than men, both physically and psychologically. Single women, pregnant women, and women with children may enter specialized women's C STAR treatment programs. These programs provide a complete continuum of treatment services and housing supports tailored to the unique needs of women and children. Within this treatment environment, women are educated as to parenting skills, their children attend either school or childcare, and family counseling is provided.

Chapter 191.725-191.745, RSMo, mandates that a pregnant woman referred for substance abuse treatment shall be a first priority user of available treatment. The Department of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, is to ensure that family-oriented substance abuse treatment is available.
Referral information can be accessed through 800-TEL-LINK (800-835-5465) or the Department of Mental Health Resource Line at 800-575-7480.

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