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Does WIC offer breast pumps?

All local WIC providers offer a variety of breast pumps, which are provided to post partum moms after the local WIC provider has completed an assessment to determine which breast pump is appropriate for her.
  • Manual breast pumps are given to moms who are occasionally separated from their infant.
  • Multi-user hospital grade pumps are loaned to moms who are have premature or hospitalized infants, mothers of multiple infants, issues with low milk supply or temporary feeding problems and moms going back to work. There may be a minimal charge for the pumping kit and a deposit may be charged that is returned once the participant brings the pump back to the agency.
  • Many local WIC providers also give single-user personal double electric breast pumps to moms who are separated from their infants for 32 hours per week for work or school, exclusively breastfeeding at 4 weeks post partum and are having no breastfeeding difficulties. This pump is given to  moms who meet this criteria at no charge.

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