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How do I handle a loss of controlled substances?

The bureau’s state regulations are different than the federal DEA regulations.
All losses, thefts and diversions must be reported to the bureau immediately upon discovery.  A loss report form must be submitted to the bureau within 7 days of discovering the loss.  If more time is needed the registrant may contact the bureau and ask for more time.

A drug is considered “lost” if it is missing and the registrant does not know where it went or what happened to it.

Insignificant losses are those instances where lawful activity was taking place and something happened to make the drug un-recoverable.  A tablet was stepped on and crushed, a bottle was spilled, or a container leaked.  In these cases there was no theft and the registrant knows what happened to the drugs.  These instances are documented on paper and stapled to the annual inventory, but no loss form is required to the bureau.  This is detailed in regulation 19 CSR 30-1.034.  A loss report form is available on the bureau’s link to forms on our website.

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