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How do I increase the number of licensed beds in my facility?

An operator can request an increase in licensed bed capacity by submitting a letter of request to the Licensure Unit in the Section for Long-Term Care Regulation. Included with the request must be documentation obtained from the Certificate of Need Program indicating approval for the increase. In addition, a fee must be submitted with the request. The amount will be the greater of either $50.00 or the amount that would have been required if the increase in bed capacity had been included in the application, less any amount actually paid. (For example, for a facility licensed with a capacity between 26 and 100 beds, the licensure fee is $300.00. If this facility requests an increase in licensed capacity to more than 100 beds, the licensure fee increases from $300.00 to $600.00. Since the operator had already paid $300.00, the fee required for the increase in capacity would be the difference of $300.00. If this facility requests an increase in capacity that does not exceed 100 beds, the fee would be $50.00.)

After the Licensure Unit receives the request with required documentation and fee, an inspection will be conducted by staff from one of the Section for Long-Term Care regional offices to determine if requirements are met. An amended license or temporary operating permit will be issued if the facility is determined to be in substantial compliance with requirements. The effective date will be no earlier than when the regional office determined the facility was in compliance with requirements.

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