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How do I report a change of operator to the Department of Health & Senior Services?

If the licensed operator of a facility is replaced by another operator, the new operator shall apply for a new license before the effective date of the change in accordance with 19 CSR 30-82.010 (1) (H). The application shall be submitted to the Licensure Unit of the Section for Long-Term Care Regulation. Accountants in the Licensure Unit will then review the application to determine if sufficient information was included in the application to support the change. If sufficient information has been provided, a temporary permit will be issued to the new operator. Full review of the application will then be completed during the period of time the temporary operating permit is in effect.

In the situation where an operator which is a partnership, limited partnership or corporation undergoes any of the changes described in section 198.015.4, RSMo, or a new corporation, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company or other entity assumes facility operation, the operator is required to submit an application for a new license within ten (10) working days of the effective date of that change to the Licensure Unit. The operator can also submit the required application information using form DA-636, Corrections For Long-Term Care Facility License. This form can be located on the Department of Health and Senior Services web site.

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