Why does the Section for Child Care Regulation do background screenings?

Our rules require background screenings. We have adopted a policy to address background screenings. The following rules and statutes provide the authority for the section to conduct background screenings.

19 CSR 30-62.102(1)(A) states:
“Day care personnel shall be of good character and intent and shall be qualified to provide care conducive to the welfare of children.” Similar rules for family homes exist 19 CSR 30-61.105(1)(D)

19 CSR 30-62.102(1) (K) states:
“Volunteers counted in staff/child ratios, caregivers and other personnel shall be screened for child abuse/neglect. The screening shall be requested by the provider within ten (10 days) of any individual beginning employment or volunteering in the facility. Any investigated allegation of child abuse or neglect in which the investigator finds reasonable cause to believe that the individual is the alleged perpetrator of child abuse or neglect, shall be evaluated by the department. After review, the department may prohibit the person from being present in the facility during child care hours.” Similar rules for family homes exist 19 CSR 30-61.105(1)(K)

19 CSR 30-62.102(1)(L) states in part:
“The child care provider shall request and have on file the results of a criminal record review from the Missouri State Highway Patrol as defined by 19 CSR 30-62.042 Initial Licensing Information and 19 CSR 30-62.052 License Renewal. The child care provider shall request a criminal record review within ten (10) days following a change of the facility owner(s), board president or chairperson, the center director or group day care home provider, employees of the provider, or volunteers counted in the staff/child ratios. The department may request a criminal record review from the Missouri State Highway Patrol for any adult present in the facility when child care children are present. The criminal record reviews shall include records of criminal convictions, pending criminal charges, and suspended imposition of sentence during the term of probation.…

2. Any information received by the department that indicates that the subject of the criminal record review poses a threat to the safety or welfare of children shall be evaluated by the department. After review, the department may prohibit such person from being present on the premises of the facility during child care hours.” Similar rules for family homes exist 19 CSR 30-61.105(1)(L)

19 CSR 30-62.102(1)(M) states: “Any person present at the facility during the hours in which child care is provided shall not present a threat to the health, safety or welfare of the children” Similar rules for family homes exist 19 CSR 30-61.115(5)

Section 210.221, RSMo sets for the powers and duties of the department concerning child care licensing.

Section 210.906, RSMo requires every child care worker hired on or after Jan. 1, 2001 to complete registration with the Family Care Safety Registry.

Section 210.922, RSMo allows the department to use information contained in the Family Care Safety Registry to carry out its statutory duties.

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  1. 19 CSR 30-62.102(1) (K) states:
  2. 19 CSR 30-62.102(1)(A) states:
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